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Series Order: This novella takes place in the Shiftless setting. (See Author's Note)

About Tiger's Catch

Amoy Tenir is no longer a prince among tigers, because the Hunters have claimed his lands. He is a rebel with a single cause, until, on the precipice of a covert strike, his rag-tag group of Shifters rescues a woman he'd thought dead. She's none other than Neera Spring, a human who, even as a ghost, ruled his heart. A forbidden lover who believed he sold her to slavers. The mother of his only son. The world has changed; they could be together. But do they dare reconcile their savaged past with a hopeful future, when a common foe stands ready for war?

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Word Count: 48,731

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Tiger's Catch Excerpt

The following tidbit strikes after Amoy learns they have an injured traveler recuperating in one of the team's tents. He's given her two days to recover enough to be put out in the middle of the forest, so they can move on with their mission without complications. Except...

The scent in the room changed everything.

Blood of persimmons again, and that wash of paradise, pine, and inexplicable ocean, like the woman was a siren or water nymph lost amid the trees.

Seven skies, but it is impossible.

Amoy stepped inexorably closer, sank to the ground by the mattress. The curve of her ravaged cheek, the dark, muddy tumble of brown locks spread over her pillow, the long, long lashes, the memories that swam before him at the pinked peek of her fingertips and blunt nails over the edge of a rough blanket, the upturned tip of her nose. Another woman, another time.

Had he said their guest could only stay two days?

Forever, gods, forever.

She shivered, curled in on herself in her sleep, and he caved to the urge to slip his fingers around hers. Then she wasn't the only one who shook, though his was a horrifying need as he breathed in a scent so achingly familiar. A desperation to discover if this was all a dream. Had he fallen asleep at his post? Been bitten by a dream wisp? Was he dead?

Or was she truly here?

Alive and mostly well?

Seven skies!

Incredibly, impossibly, alive?

Her head jolted from side to side, caught, perhaps, in a dream of spiders. Familiar fingers tightened on his, opened wide, then clenched again, and then there was murmuring, pinching of her eyelids, twisting of blankets.

Amoy ceased to think at all. He shouldered the heavy coverlet aside, slid underneath, and wrapped her in his arms. Winding the length of hair around one fist, he pressed her cheek to his shoulder and held her tighter as she slowly calmed, her thrashing stilled, her breathing evened out. Thin, gods, so thin. And yet he recalled the smooth curve of her hip, the dip of her waist, the way she fit against his chest like a missing piece of his once-damned soul.

"Neera," came out on a desperate rasp he couldn't recognize as his own voice as memory stole his wits.

Tiger's Catch Author Notes


Tiger's Catch is a shifter novella--about shifters who can't shift. 🙂 It takes place in a pre-industrial fantasy world where technomages, the Hunters, have found a way to lock the animal soul of a Shifter inside its host. Initially, this edge granted the Hunters a crushing defeat over both normal humans (who in this world are considered a slave populace) and Shifters, who have long been divisive among breeds and enforced strict laws to keep with their own kind.

Now, the Shifters are regrouping, forming tentative and sometimes outrageous arrangements between packs/clans/tribes, and once more they're taking up arms against the Hunters.

As far as the humans go? By the end of this particular book, you'll have an inkling as to where their strengths lie.

I have a set of novels planned for this world. (Which I'm super excited about because I get to burn lots of things down and also there's steampunk...lol.) There are also a couple more novellas I hope to share with you in the future to wrap up those loose threads, and pull at a few more. 🙂 The full Shiftless Series is a little further back on the project list, so if you read Amoy and Neera's story and really love the setting, hang in there--we'll return to it for more adventures.

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