I release serials on Wattpad–sometimes with romance, other times just the rush of adventure.  Each episode is about 8 posts long (6-8,000 words by the end), but many characters stick around and grow along with the storylines.

Every one gets shined up, dosed with extra adventurey bonus words and made available for purchase in ereader formats. If you feel inclined, you can support the making of future episodes and have everything in one convenient reading spot!  😉

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The StarStones serial is science fiction romance and follows swindler extraordinairess Marleeta O’rkan and her haphazard adventures through space.  Sometimes there are pirates.  Or Kellen.  Or…*fans face*  Read, read!


Episode One: Meeting Marleeta

Scoring free cargo for resale has always been one of Marleeta O’rkan’s favorite pastimes. But the latest batch of crates is not only less than rewarding; it puts a target on her forehead.

Characters: Marleeta, Kellen

Status: Complete! Meeting Marleeta is now all polished up and ebookified (with a shiny cover, even!). You can pick it up in all its revised and expanded content glory for just $0.99 here. Or, for a limited time, you can pick it up for free when you sign up for my readers’ list!


StarStones Episode 1: Meeting Marleeta

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Episode Two: Kellen’s Run

Though he’s not entirely certain if his exclusivity deal with Marleeta is on the legit, Kellen Markes ventures to a small planet near her homeworld to keep up his end of the bargain: finding something to sell. Trouble is, some artifacts are more than cold, dead stone.

Characters: Kellen

Status: Complete! Kellen’s Run is polished and in ebook form! You can pick it up for $0.99 here. It’s also being re-released on Wattpad, where you can follow along for free.