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Heeeeyyyyy writerly folks!  🙂  I'm so glad you've dropped by.  Let's have some fun!

Creativity Prompts // Character Creation Lab // Workshop Freebies // NaNoWriMo Writer's Toolbox

In this nook of the website I've compiled exercises, tips, and tricks for you to use in your pursuit of constructing your novel worlds and peoples.

I know how tough it is to get your muse to cooperate and to bring things to life in your head--much less on the page.

I've been a municipal liaison for NaNoWriMo for going on 6 years, and I've been coaching worldbuilding, noveling, and character creation for 7.  I've been writing professionally since 2006, and for fun since...well.  Kindergarten.  🙂  Along my own writing journey I've written exercises to push my muse and help me visualize what populates my worlds: plants, animals, environments, people.

Come on in--I'm looking forward to sharing them with you!

Creativity Prompts:

Blog posts with brain sparking and worldbuilding power, ahoy!

Cute, Fuzzy Sidekicks
Creating from Fear
Reimagine the Norm

Character Creation Lab:

Looking for more guidance than the typical character sheet to help you find your character's voice?  

I've created a workshop for you!

Workshop Freebies:

Try out some of the goodies I hand out locally for NaNoWriMo participants as well as free samples from my online workshops!

Character Bio

Grab a stand-alone reference sheet to keep track of everything you need to know about your character in one place.
Download Link

Worldbuilding Exercise: Main Street

Try this immersive exercise to discover distinct settings for your worlds (and daily life for the people who live in them).
Download Link

NaNoWriMo Writer's Toolbox:

COMING SOON: I'm a big fan of trying EVERYTHING and seeing what works, whether to help me learn, plan, organize, or create. As this series goes live I'll be linking it here for a one-stop shop to help you build your own Arsenal of Writing Success (TM)! 🙂

Offline Tools