For Writers: Redefining the Status Quo

Repaint Your World:

Let’s make some time this week to remind our muses why we’re in this business of writing in the first place. I hereby give you permission to take a break from the flurry of social media and industry madness–everywhere madness.

That’s it, take a step back. Breathe. Good?



Challenge Assumptions:

One of my favorite things about world-building is the ability to bend and shape the existing world to my whim. The existing world is ordinary, familiar, and relatable. Once you start tweaking things, you shift from ordinary to extraordinary and leave your readers grounded with an easy point of reference that makes them grin with delight at the picture you’ve repainted.

Here’s some ways for your muse to step back from that page and play:

  • Take your own pictures (like I have below) or hit up your favorite photo site, and then bend the definition of our world to your needs.
  • If you’re feeling it, share your results in your own blog post (make sure to credit those original pics!) and link it in the comments so my muse can play, too 😉
  • Use the pictures below as kicking points for a freewriting prompt.
  • Tackle a stack of magazines with a pair of scissors and set about redefining life.
  • Find a spot in your novel where the ordinary can be made extraordinary–your muse will be delighted! (And might even be nice enough to share new words with its adorable pet author who’s caring enough to give it worldbuilding playtime…*pets author*)

Look at your contemporary, your fantasy, your historical, your sci-fi differently this week. Fresh descriptions will pop!















Picasso, Michelangelo, Frank Lloyd Wright–Assumptions challenged in mediums of paint, marble, wood and steel.

We have words. Let’s make them shiny.

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My muse has found a home in paranormal, steampunk, and science fiction romance, and that's where we spend the wee hours of morning and the moonlit hours of evening. I've collected a delicious harem of menfolk for my tales (So many vigilantes, superheros, rogues, assassins, and sky pirates...*drools*), along with some seriously feisty ladies ready to shake up their worlds. I hope you're ready to see them unleashed!