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Hey writers! This post is for you! ūüėÄ

I mentioned on Twitter that I’ve been working on my first non-fic offering as part of the Small Product Lab (hosted by Gumroad). ¬†Weeeeeell…I finished the PDFs this morning! ¬†They’re all about bringing you a deeper¬†brainstorming¬†guide¬†for character creation.

Character Creation Lab Preview Tiles

I’m super-excited, because I’ve finally written down the techniques I’ve used over and over again. ¬†Now I don’t have to keep drawing up pages of the same thing every time I’m trying to get my muse to let my character come say hi. ¬†YAY!

And I’m even more excited (not cuz they’re shiny): because when I handed them to a friend who was looking to sit down and grill a¬†character she’d been struggling with, they¬†brought her character forward¬†overnight!

“I have learned a ton from these.¬† For instance, her mother is dead and she has a potty mouth.”

Right away, that character had something to say and found a voice! Best feedback ever, when I’m in the middle of this process and I know I’m creating something that can immediately be helpful.

Now, I’m still head-down¬†over the rest of the basic guide¬†to make your character creation a more living, fluid process, but I would love for you guys to get a taste of the magic she’s already discovered. ¬†When you head over here and Follow, you’ll get an early release of the Character Bio sheet plus an email when this whole pack is ready to go.

Character Creation Lab Preview

Sneak Preview of the Cover…

Up next on the project to do list are a couple of audios, because I not only wanted to give you the tools to use, but also guidance in a media you could work with simultaneously.

So you can REALLY visualize your characters and not just fill out forms.
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And then I’ll round out the forms with¬†a booklet of How To’s–including my secrets to naming characters and introducing them to your readers. ¬†Juicy, juicy stuff, and I can’t¬†wait to share it with you! ¬†Keep an eye out: pub date for this is August 6th…yeesh, that’s coming up fast. ¬†Back to work!


(Don’t worry, lovely readers o’ mine: ¬†I’m still on track to get Tiger’s Catch into your hands on August 10th! ¬†Want it for FREE, and a few days early? ¬†Sign up for my Early Access Club!) <3


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