This is more disclaimer than blog post, so if you’re here for the regular weekly hello, you can probs mosey onward. *Or dance onward. Dance!*

You’ll notice some of the books on my site have a buy link followed by “aff” or “(aff)“. These links take you to the marketplace site/seller to pick up my book, and also give me a teeny tiny percent of the sale. Without costing you a penny more.

That teeny tiny percent, over time, could pay for the next book cover.

And you know how much I love sharing new cover art!

If you’d like to give a little more back to me when you buy my books, please feel free to use those links. I promise I won’t be offended if you’d rather look it up on Amazon or iTunes or Nook or AllRomanceEbooks without the affiliate tag in the URL, but this is just to let you know that it’s there. 

In the future I may also have other recommendations up on the site which have the “aff” tag; the same thing will apply.  For what you’re already planning to spend, the seller would be giving this writermommy a little back in return for sending you, the buyer, their way.

*hugs* And that is all. Carry on, lovely peeps!

About Cera Daniels

My muse has found a home in paranormal, steampunk, and science fiction romance, and that's where we spend the wee hours of morning and the moonlit hours of evening. I've collected a delicious harem of menfolk for my tales (So many vigilantes, superheros, rogues, assassins, and sky pirates...*drools*), along with some seriously feisty ladies ready to shake up their worlds. I hope you're ready to see them unleashed!