Worlds may crumble, but true love stands strong.


Welcome to my lair of muses.  Yep.  I’ve been hiding them all right here, where they’ve been slaving away at steamy, fun, and sometimes strange stories just for you.  I write romance in several flavors: paranormal, superheroes, steampunk, science fiction.  Often all mushed together.  I occasionally blog about words, memory-making, mommywriter-ing, craftiness, and geekery.  I haven’t met a dragon I didn’t like, a sky pirate that didn’t make me swoon, a vigilante who didn’t make me grin, nor a peaceful city I didn’t want to throw into chaos to see how my characters would survive.  Because in the end, no matter what hardships we face, here’s what matters: Love, life, and adventures with the ones you love.


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Upcoming Releases

Every week I release a free sci-fi romance serial on my blog.  Each episode is about 2 months long, but the characters stick around, grow, and change.  StarStones features swindler extraordinairess Marleeta O’rkan and her haphazard adventures through space.  Sometimes there are pirates.  Or Kellen.  Or…*fans face*  Read, read!

Serial Episodes

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